My CrossFit journey began as a senior in high school as I was conducting research for my nonprofit organization, The Teen Network. I decided to try CrossFit for 30 days and do an in-depth review of this trendy methodology. Within the first week I was hooked. For the six months that followed, I showed up to my box every day until it was time to leave South Florida and attend college at the University of Florida. My mission in Gainesville was to find the best way to help people; it didn’t matter how, where or who, I have always dreamt of being able to help. Throughout my schooling I convinced myself law and politics we’re going to lead me towards the path of helping others, in strange way I wasn’t fully wrong. The fall of my freshman year I began an academic Congressional internship. Every day I drove to the campaign I passed by a gym, always thinking back at my old box. Little did I know, this would be the start of my new path. As the hours lengthened and the days progressed on the campaign, I began to have an uneasy feeling, a knot in my stomach urging for change. As my internship came to a close, one day I noticed a “hiring” sign at the same gym I kept driving by each morning. That same day, directly after finishing my shift at the campaign I decided to inquire about the position. I knew now was the time. I was told if I got my level one, I would have a shot.

At this point I didn’t have years of experience of coaching under my belt, just the courage to start. I bused down the South Florida that same weekend to attend my CrossFit Level One Certification. The dent on my savings seemed absurd to my parents and friends, but I knew this was the right choice.

I found a level one seminar that same weekend, took a bus down and passed my exam. It only took a few short weeks for me to realize I had found my calling. The timing for this realization was far from ideal, I was two semesters shy of finishing my bachelors. After this internship, I was on track to continue involvement in political campaigns, the life I once thought was for me.

A few days after taking my level one I sat, worried of the uncertain path to come. I confessed to my girlfriend of the uneasy pit that had been following me for some time now. After hours of chatter, I summoned the courage to email the gym owner. Now all I could do was wait. Within a month of that moment I was cheering athletes across the 400 meter mark and high fiving PRs. I graduated that summer with a bachelors that I would put to use in unexpected ways. I set out on a mission to learn and coach CrossFit until I could open my own box, my mission continues.